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Behind the Scenes:Our Journey

Venture into the story of our beginnings, our growth, and the core values that guide us. Learn about our dedication to delivering exceptional marketing and technological solutions, and the strategic approach we employ to ensure the success of every client. Explore our commitment to quality, results-driven delivery, and enduring support – the pillars of our professional identity.

The story behind how our company was founded

  • Meet Ricardo - The Catalyst behind Digital Peak

    At the helm of Digital Peak is Ricardo, our founder and guiding force. With a rich and diverse background spanning IT and marketing, Ricardo's unique ability to fuse potent marketing tactics with the power of web development makes him an invaluable asset to any company. His vision and expertise have been instrumental in navigating Digital Peak from humble beginnings to national recognition.

  • Our Journey - From Humble Beginnings to National Recognition

    In the slow-paced lifestyle of New Mexico, a haven for retirees but a challenge for local businesses, we saw an opportunity. In 2014, with business owners wary of big tech and online marketing, the landscape was tough. Opportunities were scarce, but we persisted. Our beginnings were humble, our resolve unwavering. We kept our heads down and honed our skills, committed to making a difference. Digital Peak was born out of the desire to serve Southern New Mexico. Our mission was simple yet audacious - to bring New Mexico online. Convincing locals of the importance and value of an online presence was a daunting task. Yet, our experts navigated this challenge with grace, keeping an unwavering focus on the bigger picture. We held firm in our belief that our ideal clients would find us. And they did!

  • Our Growth - Expanding Horizons and Amplifying Impact

    As our team grew, so did our reach and capabilities. From our roots in the enchanting lands of New Mexico, we've spread our wings across the nation, now serving over 80 clients across 23 states. Despite our growth, we've remained a small agency by design, prioritizing quality over quantity. This focus has fostered strong working relationships, exciting professional partnerships, and a high team morale. We've created work that we're proud of and built a team that stands by each other.

  • Our Expertise - Empowering Businesses of All Sizes

    Whether you're an entrepreneur, manage a chain of local shops, or lead a corporate team, Digital Peak is at your service. Our expertise in web development, marketing, and IT is available to help you amplify your online presence and drive your business growth.

The values that shape everything better

At the heart of Digital Peak are our core values

At Digital Peak, we're more than a marketing agency. We're your partners in growth, committed to helping you navigate the digital landscape with confidence and success.

Our core values


We believe in the power of relationships and put people at the forefront of all our decisions.


Our team is committed to delivering services with utmost professionalism, respecting your time and your business.


We value open and honest communication, providing you with clear insights into our processes and progress.

Work That Lasts

We aim for enduring impact, crafting strategies and solutions that stand the test of time.

Results Driven Delivery

Our focus is on delivering results that matter, driving tangible growth for your business.

Continued Support

We stand by you, offering ongoing support to ensure your sustained success.